In Loving Memory Rosalyn Vinalon
1979 - 2001
Rosalyn Vinalon

Dating back to the year 1995, Roxspin was an alias used by beloved Rosalyn Vinalon when she took on a hobby in the turntable artform mixing and scratching at the age of 16. As a member of the DJ group known as the Tranzformerz Crew, she debut her first appearance in 1996 at Sacramento CSU. Also a member of the Tranzformerz Crew, Gene Ballesteros (Frenzy) studied the artform along with her on turntable philosophies that later developed into loving relationship. DJing is what drawn the two together sharing a mutual hobby they both enjoyed.

7 years later, they've both reached the peak of their lives with plans for the future. Due to Vinalon's death in 2001, everything came into a halt. Ballesteros then took on a quest in celebrating her life by assembling several projects in memory of her name. Today Roxspin has become a resource to urban culture that includes music, fashion, models, and automotives with an objective without boundaries.